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about-us | foodqotWelcome to Foodqot! I am Maruf and the food blogger behind Foodqot. The blog launched in 2020 as a spot to share my passion for cooking. I love giving new things and testing them a shot with my family. Every formula is dependable, family-tried and endorsed. Motivated by cookbooks, other food web journals, magazines, and family plans, I attempt to make useful and simple family inviting plans on my web page that can unite your family during dinner.

I like to spend my time to learn about new food recipe and try it at home. Beef is my favorite food which I can have in my every meal. I love to meet new foodie who enjoy to eat like me. I believe that, so many foodie I will find through this blog. Beside food blogging I love to know about new technology and study on WordPress, coding to develop a new website design and so on.

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We would like to see more than 100,000 visitors in my website with in next year. To make it successfully we will update our blog regularly and try to give you healthy, tasty and easier recipe. Right now, we are 3 colleagues are maintaining this site. We are accepting anyone if you would like to share your recipe with us.

In the event that this is your first time here, don’t hesitate to peruse our blog page to get inspired on what to make in your kitchen. You will discover simple, family-accommodating plans that you can make in a short time. This assists with uniting the bustling family and add strong and new flavors to your meal. We always welcome your suggestions, comments and new ideas to enrich our website.

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I’m cheerful that such a significant number of people are engaging with me through the blog, and social media. Collaborating with readers through the comments has been a significant learning experience and I’m excited to have readers from all around the globe, who are as strongly inspired by food, travel, and cooking as I am!

We are planning to add breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe that you can enjoy anywhere. We will also add vegetarian recipe with seasonal fruits and vegetables for food lover vegetarians.

Let us know about your favorite food by sending an email at info@foodqot.com or using our contact form.

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